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Ian Bassett, the head of the Bassett Crime Family, knows well-fed devils behave better than famished saints. His son was well-fed and yet, it was still necessary for him to die—for Oskar. Everything Ian does, he does for Oskar—always Oskar. 

Oskar Bassett, the grandson to the head of the Bassett Crime Family, is well-loved and spoiled beyond measure but has a secret that could destroy him and his grandfather if anyone ever finds out—especially Pops. It's taboo. It's disgusting. If anyone knew . . .

When one kiss turns into two there is no fighting the inevitable. 

Always Oskar features a loving grandfather who isn't above getting his hands dirty, a spoiled grandson who dares you to fuck around and find out, lace panties, lots of late night cuddles, wandering hands, slow kisses, and a pair of goats with ridiculous names. Also features an age gap [duh], a size difference and a virgin MC.

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Betrayed by their greedy father, Jasper and Theodore—identical twins who are closer than two brothers should be—make a deal with the devil in order to survive.

The Boss of the Sterling crime family is a man long thought incapable of mercy by even his closest associates. But, after the brutal murder of the only person he has ever loved, Abaddon Sterling knows family is everything. He agrees to spare Jasper and Theodore’s life in exchange for unquestionable loyalty to him, to his Family.

The brothers, held prisoner in separate rooms, are further apart than they have ever been. Forced to entertain the man they sold themselves to, it’s not long before they learn Abaddon’s deepest secrets.

Love was never part of the agreement but when their captor proves to be more than he appears, there’s no fighting the inevitable.

Family Values features a bad guy who really isn’t all that bad once you overlook the murder and imprisonment, a pair of grumpy/sunshine twin brothers who kiss on the mouth, a piercing in a surprising but delightful place, public sex in a high-risk area, found family and a dirty happy ever after.

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Marcus Malnar—head asshole of the Malnar Family—has spent a lifetime stepping over the bloody remains of his enemies. Fulfilling his purpose is the only thing that matters; nothing can stand between him and his goals. Except his nephew.

Despite what everyone says, Holden Malnar isn’t spoiled. If you ask him. He’s a pint-sized bundle of insanity with a pain kink, barely held together by a straitjacket, and he owes everything to his uncle. There’s no limit to what he’s willing to do for the man. No. Limit.

Loyalty means everything. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow. When Marcus and Holden have to rely on one another to weed out the traitor attempting to destroy their Family, there is no fighting the inevitable.

Blood Bound features a femme murder twink who is determined to earn his place beside the man he loves, even if that man can be an asshole, overprotective old friends with too much time on their hands, and new friends who roll with the crazy because the pay is top notch. Also features sadomasochism, blood play, knife play, spanking, public sex, exhibitionism, brief CBT, sex toys, orgasm torture, and a light breeding kink.

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